Journals for a few of the people who lift are True Strength at Fortified-Iron:

(You do need to create an account to view the journals, but not the powerlifting section, which has tons of info, Here.)

Jay Nolan

Matt Nolan

Ryan Mitchell

Leyanne Petty

TJ Allerdings

Eric Furey

Here is a list of some tried and true lifting routines that i have put into excel format for easy reading and converting to ones abilities.  The formatting is gonna be a little rough as i have forgotten all coding abilities i once had, and time, but ill try to make it as user friendly as possible. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to email me.

This is a link to max lift estimators, and also a printable chart, i find them helpful when developing my own routine, or knowing what my max is for a given amount of reps.

Estimated Max

Also here is a Max Percent Spreadsheet(Excel) from 50-95% for the 3 lifts.





Full Routines

Note: Use Current max in spreadsheets unless otherwise noted.

    Total Routines: 36

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